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Pearls of Abbazia

The Pearls of Abbazia* is a fully organized set of 13 parcels spread over 11.599,27 sqm. Design is adapted to local urban plan, local architecture and tradition, as well as modern architectural and energy efficiency trends.

This is a private property with a private road equiped with access control. Each parcel has its own road access, and a separate connection to the electricity network, water supply, drainage and other communal public networks. All building heating, cooling and lighting systems are connected to central smart home computer. This villa will be passive house, with consumption of energy of only 15kWh per square meter annualy.

*Pearls of Abbazia is an authentic work of the Croatian architectural office Gradečki projekt d.o.o.

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Villa Topaz (Type 1) Villa Citrine (Type 2) Villa Peridot (Type 3)

The choice of picking and building

To future investor we offer a choice of picking and building a whole complex of villas, or building an individual preferred villa on a selected attractive parcel.

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Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in investing, building or buying a part or whole complex of villas.


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