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Pearls of Abbazia

Elan d.o.o. for development, real estate and services business, was established in 2006.

The headquarter is located in Viškovo - CROATIA, where the company started real estate business, buying land and building housing - selling flats, as its core business that continues to this day.

Elan is an investor who wants to be present on the real estate market through residential construction, and in cooperation with his business partners - contractors, to offer a good ratio of quality and price.

The existing construction has been funded mainly by own means, starting from land acquisition, through project documentation preparation to the construction of facilities by the "turnkey" system.

Our business partners participate in the design, development and realization of each project, with their knowledge and experience creating a quality product.

Several residential buildings were built at locations  in the area of Viškovo Municipality, which is one of the most populated municipalities in Primorsko-goranska County.

That is why our goal is to offer this very demanding real estate market, a quality and competitive product, new and good flats, whose ratio of quality and price can be recognized by our customers.

The projects that have been realized so far, as well as those currently in the process, are challenge not only for us but also for all of our business partners involved in their realization.

Realized Projects